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Contoh Netiquette
03-25-2004, 10:26 AM
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Contoh Netiquette
Common list protocols apply as much to the UKPFC-Forum as to any other mailing list. Other than the Forum rules, the most important ones are:

disciplined use of subject lines. Subject lines are used to sew together the various threads (subjects) in the archives and to help users locate information on particular issues. When posting a follow-up to an existing discussion, please use the existing subject line unless the subject has changed -- such as may happen when you want to pick up on a tangential aspect of an existing thread.

non intrusive signatures. Some people like to add a signature to the end of their messages, often promoting the address of their web site, or an amusing ditty. If you do this, please try to limit the signature to a maximum of four lines.

sensible quoting. Already mentioned, worth repeating: it can be very irritating to receive a reply to another message in which a great many lines are quoted from the original post, with the only new information being something like, "I agree!"

decorum. Please remember that the Forum is archived and available to the public via the PFC web site. Every member of the Forum is in that sense an ambassador and what they say reflects on us all. Good manners and a lack of swearing cost nothing; the lack of them can cost us all dearly.

Like any other discussion group, a mailing list is no more than what the participants make of it, and it's up to us to make the Forum a place where we can discuss our campaigning issues constructively, effectively, and supportively.

Please remember that communicating only with words written on a screen is something many of us are unused to, and you may find that these suggestions on writing style help:

Pick your words carefully: people can't see your facial expression or your gestures, and can only judge your intentions from the words you write. Consider whether what you have written can be misinterpreted, and whether that is something you wish to have happen.

Subtlety is not communicated well in written form, especially over a computer. Remember, most people who will read your posting do not know you. This applies to humour as well. Smileys :-), frowns :-(, and winks ;-) can help to avoid confusion.

If someone is upset by what you write, a prompt apology helps to stop a minor disagreement or unintended offence turning into a row.

If you are upset by what someone else has written, try to remember that they probably didn't mean to cause offence.

If you strongly disagree with what someone has written, try to remember that you are more likely to convince them of your viewpoint by persuasion than by confrontation.

If you feel angry or upset about something, it may be helpful to take a break before actually sending a message that might hurt or offend others: it gives you time to change the tone if necessary. :-)

Own your own words and feelings. Saying, for example, that "I hate the word xxxxx, because it make me feel marginalised" can be a great way of starting a discussion, but writing "Those who use the word xxxxx are marginalising us" can be taken as an attack on others.

Just before you send your message, re-read it. This will ensure that you actually wrote what you intended to write Smile

Above all, remember you're among friends! Please be as nice to your email friends as you would be to those you meet in person, and be as tolerant of their mistakes as you would like them to be of yours!
One final thing. If you want to leave the list, or change some detail of your subscription, don't post directly to the Forum. It won't work, and you'll only annoy all the other list members who will receive your message. Send your commands to the list manager (the computer that does all the hard


Your membership of the campaigners' Forum is subject to your compliance with the following rules:

1. All posts must be kept on-topic, i.e. they must be related to Press For Change's campaign for legal rights for trans people in the UK.

2.The Forum must not be used to debate PFC's aims and objectives. Whilst there will always be some people who legitimately see grounds for change, regular discussion of these issues is a time-consuming diversion for most campaigners. Members of the Forum agree to work to achieve PFC's statement of Aims and Objectives. Suggestions for changes and improvements may be emailed to <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->, though replies can't be guaranteed -- PFC's main priority is always to do more campaigning!

3.From time to time, the Forum's administrators may ask that discussion of a particular topic be discontinued. This will normally occur only if it is losing relevance to campaigning activities or is causing acrimony, but members of the Forum are required to abide by such requests.

4.Posts should be in plain ASCII text, without attachments. This means, for example, that you must not send graphics or wordprocessor documents to the Forum, and that you must ensure that your mailer does not send "richtext" or HTML. Basically, only send plain unformatted text -- that way, everone can read it!

5.Unnecessary quoting from previous posts should be kept to a minimum; a good rule of thumb is that quoted material should not amount to more than 50% of your message. In particular, never quote the footer which automatically appended by the servet to the end of each post to the Forum.

6.Flaming is unacceptable: differences should be aired with mutual respect.

7.Harrassment of another Forum member, whether on the Forum or off it, is unacceptable.

8.Messages posted to the Forum may not contain obscene or defamatory comments, or seek to promote illegal activity. By joining the Forum you agree to indemnify Press For Change from any liability resulting from messages posted to the Forum from your email address.

9.Members of the Forum are also required to join PFC's News mailing list, which is used to distribute information about the campaign and other material of relevance to campaigners. (This is to avoid having to post such material to the Forum as well.)

We hope that Forum members will observe these rules without any need for intervention by the Forum's administrators, and that common sense and good manners will prevail! However, the list administrators reserve the right to remove from the Forum any persons who breach these rules or otherwise disrupt the functioning of the Forum, and/or to prevent such persons from posting messages to the Forum.

Smoga berguna :wink:
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